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Wedding Inspiration: Let them eat cake – lots of it

Oh the Wedding Cake…everyone’s favorite part of a wedding, well besides the open bar of course. Well the new trend in wedding cakes is LOTS of cake. Different styles, varieties, types…the cake table means so much more to weddings today! Whether you choose 5 small cakes in different flavors or set up an entire dessert table, make your wedding cake table the second most beautiful thing on your wedding day (besides you!). And guess what? It does not cost more than a regular large wedding cake…and you and your groom can enjoy your favorite flavors and desserts! Everyone wins. And trust me…your guests will be just as thrilled to partake in your bevy of sweets!


Wedding Chic: Stickin it to ya

Trying to incorporate those little details into your wedding and just don’t know how or where to do it….or just feeling crafty? Well let me tell you…i have found the ULTIMATE deco tape to solve all of your problems. The fabulous Japanese Washi Tape (which can be purchased at www.cutetape.com) can create the perfect, chic attention to detail you are looking for. Stick it on wine glasses, stir sticks, match books, votive candles, invitations, menu cards, wedding favors…you name it…it can stick to it. And best of all there are HUNDREDS of different styles to choose from, so you are sure to find that perfect tape to match your wedding. Here are some of my favs below. Be sure to check out www.cutetape.com to find your perfect washi wedding tape!







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