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Wedding Chic: Green is the real thing

Green is my favorite color. No seriously it is. It creates the perfect color palette for a wedding, makes for gorgeous succulent centerpieces, the perfect take home favor for your guests and can even be great for the environment. DIY brides, this is the perfect wedding for you! You can cut costs, keep up with wedding trends and throw the most environmentally friendly wedding this year. Here are some ideas to keep the wheels spinning…

Succulents and Fresh Plants are the next “it” centerpiece in the wedding world. Not only are they the hottest trend right now, but they are great for the earth, can be re-planted AND come in a large variety of shapes and sizes.

Whether you hand out moss covered rock escort cards, tulip bulb boxes escort “cards” or planted flowers that can serve as centerpieces AND wedding favors, both are green and eco-friendly! Your guests and the earth will thank you 🙂

Check out some of these real weddings to give you a lil inspiration…they might make you a lil “green” with envy b/c they are so fabulous too!


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