Wedding Chic: Have a Rockin good time

We all know that bigger is better. In fact that saying is true for most things. Hair. Cake. Shoes. Well now that statement rings true with necklaces. And what better way to go big then with ROCKS! Remember those aggats and rocks you used to find in the driveway…well the ultimate chic stores (like Anthropologie) are creating fabulous BIG necklaces with gorgeous rocks. Sure to make your bridesmaids and yourself stand out amongst the wedding crowd. Best of all you can find a necklace for each personality of your BM’s and it will still look incredibly synced but unique all at the same time. Not interested in the big necklace? No prob…check out some gorgeous earrings instead! So get ready to ROCK OUT with the below suggestions…also, check out local flea markets to find some real bargain trends!


Anthropologie – $298 – BUY HERE


Urban Outfitters – $39.00 – BUY HERE


Anthropologie – $48 – BUY HERE


Forever 21 – $8.80 – BUY HERE

Forever 21 – $5.80 – BUY HERE


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